Vigorous fire inspections to be pursued – Benn


With the ultimate goal to prevent damages and loss of life as a result of fires, the Ministry of Home Affairs will soon embark on a vigorous fire inspection campaign. This is according to subject minister Robeson Benn who spoke at a recent outreach programme hosted by the Fire Advisory Board.

The Fire Advisory Board continues to inform persons on how to prevent fires and on Wednesday launched an education awareness outreach programme.

One of the major concerns for the Guyana Fire Service is the quality of electrical equipment and the lack of knowledge about electrical safety.

“Fire inspections are critical, we have to pursue those vigorously now, we have to put the message out there in respect of fire prevention and we know there are areas where people are more at risk to fires,” Minister Benn said.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn (Photo: DPI)

Households in particular, are most times ignorant where fire safety is concern.

“Sometimes you hear form the Fire Service, arcing or sparking which led to a fire.

“We need simply to have the fire alarms, the smoke alarms and that should really be a couple in every home really,” Minister Benn said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Fire Advisory Board, Ramesh Sugrim during brief remarks said: “Guyana is taking off rapidly, and likewise the skill of our people, the safety of our people, and the future as a whole, we will have to incorporate all those developments for our future,” he noted.

Chairman, Guyana Fire Advisory Board, Ramesh Sugrim (Photo: DPI)

Recently, Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton said workplace health and safety measures should also be extended to homes, noting that there is an important need to change the culture towards safety in Guyana.








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