Family who migrated 40 years ago searching for lost relative here


The family of Terrence Persaud, called “Terry”, is pleading with the public to help find him.

It is unclear how long Persaud has been missing since his entire family migrated to Canada some 40 years ago and there has been little to no contact with him over the years.

Persaud’s brother, Gerry DeSouza, spoke with the News Room on Wednesday and said his mother, who is now 96-years-old, keeps asking for Persaud. He is one of four sons.

Desouza explained that Persaud was possibly homeless for the past decades and when they left in the 1980s, he was involved in petty crimes.

“I left Guyana close to 40 years and then I came back maybe five years after that, so 35 years ago, is the last time I saw him.

“My mom is still alive and she keeps asking for him and we tried different ways at different times of how we can get in touch with him and it all failed,” Desouza said.

Now back in Guyana, DeSouza is hoping to get some answers about his brother’s whereabouts.

“My main goal is to try to find him or see if I can get some information on where he is or even if he is alive.

“When we left to go to Canada, he was not always around, he was gone for long periods of time and when we were trying to move to Canada, we were trying to get him involved but we couldn’t find him,” Desouza explained.

Persaud’s present current age would be 64. He is 5’ 6’’ and walked with a limp.

“He was always on our mind and my Mom, she is 96 now, and I think that is what is keeping her alive. It was four of us and my two brothers and I are in Canada but my Mom keeps asking for him.”

Anyone with credible information on the whereabouts of Terrence Persaud can contact +1 519 939 8265 or +1 647 388-9452 on WhatsApp only.

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