E-ticketing system for Mandela to Eccles highway in 3 weeks


As part of continued efforts to modernise and transform the Guyana Police Force, the electronic ticketing system will be rolled out in approximately three weeks along the Mandela to Eccles four-lane highway.

This was revealed by President Dr Irfaan Ali during a diaspora engagement on Saturday night in Orlando, Florida.

The new electronic ticketing system will replace written paper tickets while the electronic monitoring speed system targets errant road users.

“In three weeks, we will be launching our first ever electronic ticketing system that is supported by cameras along the new highway from Mandela to Eccles.

“We won’t depend on the police to stop you anymore, your ticket will be printed for you, so the modern security architecture must see a more professional, accountable and transparent police force,” the Head of State said to loud applause from those in attendance on Saturday.

President Irfaan Ali addressing the gathering in Orlando, Florida on Saturday (Photo: Office of the President)

At the commissioning of the Mandela to Eccles highway in April this year, President Ali stated that this new road security feature will be fully digitised and will track the speech of vehicles, record the speed, license plates and transmit the information to the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Revenue Authority.

If drivers are found breaching the speed limit or any other road regulation, they will be ticketed electronically and be required to pay a fine at GRA.

Should drivers not pay the fine, then their license will not be renewed.

“We are working with international providers of technology.

“Nowadays, you see every time an accident occurs or if there is a robbery or pickpocket, immediately that video is uploaded, that video is uploaded because we have invested in technology. Now we are looking to have 100 per cent CCTV coverage along the entire coast of Guyana,” President Ali said.

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