UPDATE: Woman in gruesome Ann’s Grove attack stable, suffered first degree burns 


The 53-year-old mother of three who was brutally stabbed and then set on fire with gasoline in the wee hours of Wednesday is now in a stable condition having suffered first-degree burns.

Sharon Scott of Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara narrowly escaped death as her abusive husband hacked their 21-year-old son to death and later died by suicide.

Seon Bobb lived with his parents who the police say often had domestic disputes. The husband Leon Bobb, 57, a farmer died while receiving medical treatment.

Seon Scott is dead while his mother, Sharon is battling for her life (Photos taken from Inews)

Police said the young Bobb would intervene during the disputes when his father would physically assault his mother.

On Wednesday at about 01:00hrs, Leon who had accused his wife of cheating on him chopped the woman about her body, threw gasoline on her, and then turned his cutlass on his sleeping son.

Police Headquarters reported that Leon chased after his wife while she attempted to escape.

“Sharon Bobb was seen running out of the house with blood on her clothing. [Leon] reportedly chased behind her with a cutlass in his hand telling her to come back in the house,” the police reported.

The woman then started shouting that “Leon chopped Seon”.

Leon Bobb

She was later rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by one of her daughters. Police said she is suffering from a wound to her left side neck, right hand, and burn marks about her body.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Seon who worked as a security guard was found in a bloodied state lying motionless on his bed. He was chopped to his neck.

His father was discovered in another room with a large stab wound to his abdomen and intestines protruding.

The blood-stained knife and cutlass were found under the bed next to him.

When the News Room visited the scene on Wednesday, a relative was burning the bloodied mattresses and furniture. The relative, Devon Jones, said he was not aware that the couple had domestic issues.

“That is what everyone is asking but sometimes you might get a domestic problem and you wouldn’t share it so I don’t really know,” Jones said.

The gruesome incident has rocked the community.

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