Boy, 19, saves bedridden grandfather from burning house


Quick action by a 19-year-old student enabled him to save his bedridden 70-year-old grandfather after their house at Amelia’s Ward in Linden, Region 10 was engulfed in flames on Tuesday last.

The News Room understands that seven persons including five students lost everything in the fire and are now homeless.

The two-storey house was fully furnished.

Daquan Jones, a student of the Linden Technical Institute was at home eating lunch when his grandmother informed him that the place was “cloudy” and that she was smelling smoke.

The young man quickly sprang into action and observed that one of the bedroom ceilings was on fire.

“He run at the back room, pick up his grandfather and carry him out to safety,” Triviata Flemming, the boy’s mother told the News Room.

She said her son then attempted to grab some important documents from his room but the ceiling had already caved and so he “turn off the main and said Granny we got to get out of this house, fire in the ceiling.”

Flemming is the mother of two children.

She was not at home at the time of the fire. Her 10-year-old daughter who is in grade six, lost all of her textbooks.
Flemming explained that her three nephews who stayed with her to go to school was at school at the time.

“Any assistance would be accepted and any assistance now is very much needed, only when you are in then you can understand what people go through, there is no bed, there is no clothes, no shoes,” a tearful Flemming told the News Room.

She explained that she does not have a stable job and is now at a loss of her next steps.

She is unsure of what caused the fire.

Anyone willing to support the family can contact 649-0843.

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