Blairmont, Uitvlugt sugar workers press GuySuCo on equitable treatment


See the full statement from GAWU below:

On Thursday,  workers of Blairmont and Uitvlugt Estates staged picketing exercises outside of the respective estates. The workers issues are similar as they are seeking the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) to treat them equally with their colleagues and to have fairness in their policies.

At Blairmont Estate, the field foremen/forewomen are peeved over a decision by the sugar company to selectively award pay rises. The foremen/forewomen pointed out that some of their recently confirmed colleagues were given pay rises while same was not afforded to them. As a result, the new foremen/forewomen are enjoying rates-of-pay in excess of their colleagues who have functioned in their posts for longer periods. The company had informed that the selected workers sat an examination and based on their scores were awarded additional pay increments. The long-serving foremen/forewomen, in that vein, sought an opportunity to also sit the examination to determine whether they could benefit from further increments like their colleagues.

At a meeting on September 20, 2022, between the GAWU and the GuySuCo this suggestion was reiterated. Surprisingly, the Union was told that the company was not inclined in such direction. The response upset the workers who felt that the sugar company was not treating them fairly and inequitably. Though the Corporation said it would provide a response, the workers are convinced that given the expressions and demeanour of the company at the meeting their concerns would be treated insincerely.

At Uitvlugt Estate, workers from several departments picketed to register their dissatisfaction over unequal treatment. At that estate, workers highlighted that some of their colleagues received reportedly large pay increases in recent times. The workers shared that they brought this concern to the attention of the estate management which undertook to conducting some checks and providing a response today (September 22, 2022). When the workers arrived for meeting, the management informed it could not offer a response. The workers enquired when would it be possible to hear from the estate. However, the management remained evasive. This stance angered the workers who felt that the management demonstrated that it was unconcerned about the issues raised.

Both the Blairmont and Uitvlugt workers are not averse to their colleagues receiving pay increments. They shared that they are pleased that the Corporation has found it worthy to recognize the hard work and dedicated efforts of its workers. They are hopeful that better sense can prevail, and the Corporation equally implements policies for all workers to be treated fairly.



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