Miner dies as pit caves in at Sand Hill Backdam


Omar Oselmo, a 37-year-old miner of North West District, Region One died on Thursday at Sand Hill Backdam, Cuyuni River.

Inquiries revealed that Oselmo is employed by a mining operation at Sandhill Backdam and was wrapping up work when a mining pit caved in and trapped him.

A police statement said at about 16:00 hrs, Oselmo and his co-workers finished working for the day and went to their camp. At about 18:00 hrs, Oselmo returned to the work ground to ‘punt’ and suddenly the walls of the pit caved in on him.

His co-workers heard the scream and rushed to his assistance but they did not see him.

As a result, they began digging and later found Oselmo’s motionless body beneath the sand.

The body was removed and the Police were notified.

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