Guyanese found dead in Suriname after assaulted by shopkeeper for stealing cheese  


(Waterkant Suriname) – The man who was found dead on the Weg naar Maretraite in Suriname has been identified as a Guyanese. On Saturday evening, a candle was lit by relatives at the place where the victim was found (photo).

After the theft of a pack of cheese , the man was taken hostage by the 32-year-old Chinese shopkeeper. The victim had put the stolen cheese in a container of his scooter.

Two workers are said to have helped the shopkeeper to tie the victim’s hands and feet in the store with tape and tie wraps.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was then dragged to the store’s warehouse and severely beaten by the storekeeper. The case is said to have occurred around 8 p.m. After nearly four hours, the victim was found by bystanders across the street from the supermarket.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was dragged across the supermarket by the shopkeeper. The police were called in and launched an investigation. The victim was on the scene with a scooter and helmet. The crash helmet was found with blood, but no trace of the scooter is still missing.

After the police were tipped off by society, the shopkeeper reported to the station, after which he was arrested and placed in custody after being arraigned. Police are working to arrest the two workers. The investigation in this case continues.

  1. Matthew says

    Kill a man for cheese? Really? When you could have just called the police?

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    This is a sad and unfortunate incident indeed. There are several methods, apart from the one that was used to bring closure to the matter. Why should one take things in his or her own hands when a report could have easily been made to the police. I trust that justice would be served.

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