Mahaica cattle farmer captures rustler by following trail of blood


A 33-year-old cattle farmer of Mahaica, East Coast Demerara managed to capture a cattle rustler on Monday, hours after the suspect reportedly stole two of his heifers.

It was the trail of blood left behind by the rustler that led Sayaud Sakur to him. The suspect has since been taken into custody at the Ann’s Grove Police Station, East Coast Demerara.

Sakur said on Sunday evening he rounded up his animals and went to bed. When he woke up on Monday morning, he discovered two were missing.

“I check around and check around and notice that rustlers…slaughter the animals,” Sakur explained.

He related that he discovered the remains of the heifers in the area. The two heifers were also pregnant and the now dead calves were also left behind.

“We did some investigation and catch one of the persons and carry he to the Ann’s Grove Police Station,” Sakur stated.

He believes that more persons were involved in the theft and they transported the meat in a boat along the Mahaica River.

“We noticed like blood stains and meat and so in the boat and the person claimed that it was his boat so we tie he up and carry he to the station.”

For the year thus far, Sakur claims that he lost about 40 cattle and worth approximately $5 million.

“It affects me terribly cause it is over a year they stealing my animal and we never catch anyone.”

The cattle farmer said many of the other farmers in the area had to resort to selling their animals due to numerous reports of rustling.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    I write to congratulate brave Mr. Satur .for fearlessly capturing the rustler who brutally stole and murdered his cattle. (with child too), If more persons could act like him, then I suspect the stealing would come to an abrupt end.

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