12-Y-O girl says was abducted; family wants swift police action for perpetrators


The aunt of the 12-year-old girl who was found on Thursday after being reported missing has said she wants justice for the abduction and alleged assault of the child.

The girl was found at a home in Corentyne, Berbice after being missing since Monday. The occupants of the home – a father, mother, and their teenage son – were all taken into custody at the Whim Police Station where they are assisting with the investigations.

Her aunt, Aklema Ali, during a telephone interview with the New Room on Friday, said her niece was returned alive but she is traumatised following the ordeal.

Ali said the girl claims to have been abducted by the teenage boy who would frequent a home close to theirs. The family has made it clear that they do not have any ties to the boy.

According to the information provided, the child was walking to her aunt’s house when she saw the boy and acknowledged him before he grabbed her by the hand and pushed her into a vehicle.

“He collect her strongly by her hand and pull her into the car and she tried to scream but there was no one to hear because the window screen was up. She said the driver told her to shut her mouth. She said she got frightened so she didn’t holler,” Ali said.

Upon arriving at the house, Ali said her niece was introduced to the boy’s family as his girlfriend. However, the girl has denied this. Notably, the boy’s family did not question the situation but the girl related that the father told the boy to take her back home.

“I tell the mother, I said ma’am, as a mother to a mother, you see this child come by you why you didn’t take this child to the nearest police station? Why did you encourage a little child to be at your home and she didn’t say anything?”

According to Ali, her niece told the police that she was slapped several times and abused.

“I feel bad, to be honest. I feel terrible I don’t know why he kidnapped her and take her because she was missing. I looking for justice right now because it could have happened to anybody’s children… for a little 12-year-old child, no big person is supposed to encourage anybody to do certain things and to have a little child be so abused,” Ali said.

She added, “She has a life to live and she has to move on but she will always remember certain things that happen to her.”

Ali is currently awaiting the police investigation into the matter.

The girl was reported missing on September 26, 2022 and was later found by the police at a house in Whim Village, Corentyne at approximately 00:50hrs on September 29, 2022.

  1. Matthew says

    Nothing should happen to the family that held this child except the following:


    if the story is accurate!

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    I believe that the girl has fabricated the story. For one, how did the boy know when she l would have left for her grandmother’s house.. It seems to me as though the girl went on her
    own volition. I would like to know the outcome of this matter

    1. Matthew says

      I am sorry Patricia… but this girl is 12 years old. No matter how, when, why she got to the boys house the obligation is clearly with the parents of the boy to contact the police and/or Ministry if the girl will not give up the name of her caregiver. You simply cannot have a child from another family staying in your home for 3 days without taking action. No excuses……we are dealing with children here.

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