Businessman files $750M lawsuit over false, defamatory Facebook posts


Heralall Nandlal, a Guyanese and Canadian businessman, has filed a $750 million lawsuit at the High Court because of Facebook posts he believes are false, defamatory and libellous.

Nandlal, a Director of local tire and lubricant distributor – Ideal Supplies Inc., has sued another Guyanese man Vidyarithi Singh (also known as Victor Singh) for certain posts made on the page ‘PPP/C Family’.

Among those posts made were allegations that Nandlal had been involved in drug-smuggling schemes and other fraudulent activities. Based on the Statement of Claim seen by the News Room, Nandlal is claiming in excess of $50 million for each post made.

He also hopes that the Court will order Singh to issue both a retraction and an apology to him for each post since those contained “false, malicious and defamatory statements impugning (his) character and reputation”.

Further, Nandlal, through his attorney Stephen Lewis is seeking injunctions to restrain Singh or other contributors of the page from posting, printing, publishing, sharing, recording, or otherwise recreating and disseminating false information.

Importantly, Nandlal, in a press release issued on Thursday, stated that he reported this matter to the cybercrime division of the Guyana Police Force in late 2021. Additional reports were made in July 2022.

Because he has not received any response from the Force, he opted to pursue Court action.

Singh’s address, according to the Court document, is in Ontario, Canada but an email notice from Nandlall said that Singh is currently in Guyana. As such, he said that a court marshall has been engaged in serving the claim filed.

A $100,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information on the whereabouts of Singh.

  1. Matthew says

    Who would have thought that the biggest growth industry in Guyana would be lawsuits?

  2. Don GOMES says

    Who is offering this $100 000 reward?
    It is a bit cheap for a big man like Victor Singh.
    Come on show some respect.
    Bump that up to $100 000 united states dollars.

    1. Jagan & Burnham ! says

      u r 2 greedy

  3. Patricia Pierre says

    People have got to be careful with what they say or publish about each other.. These statements could be false and defamatory and could put those persons in trouble. I keep away from the use of Facebook as I feel that I might say something that would place me in jeopardy.

  4. Jagan & Burnham ! says

    u r 2 greedy

  5. Jagan & Burnham ! says

    He has a very looooong criminal history
    Canadia Revenue Agency,Royal Canadian Mounted Police,Ontario Provincial Police,Metro Toronto Police might b looking into his cerb,ei,Ohio…allegedly false claims along with those that aided and abetted him in those allegedly false claims
    He is in big big trouble
    He has been observed in a drunken state cussing down people and assaulting seniors

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