Construction worker who attempted to kill Linden Businessman charged, remanded


Fifty-three-year-old Calwyn Croal was on Thursday charged with the attempted murder of businessman Nigel Somersall.

The construction worker of Blueberry Hill Wismar, Linden appeared before Magistrate Wanda Fortune, via Zoom at the Linden Magistrate’s Court.

He was not required to give a plea to the indictable charge which alleged that he attempted to murder the businessman, also of Blueberry Hill. The matter was adjourned until October 20.

Croal was denied bail.

According to a release by the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Somersall, 53, was shot several times about his body on Friday, September 23 at about 21:00 hrs. At the time, the man was at his home when he had a misunderstanding with Croal.

He left after an argument ensued and the businessman remained at his shop.

Sometime later, Somersall heard several loud explosions suspected to be gunshots and upon investigating, he saw Croal on the street, a short distance away armed with a hand gun. It was reported that the man was pointing in Somersall’s direction.

The businessman related that he then felt something hit him and he began feeling burning sensations about his body. The man who was shot once to his abdomen and three times to his right hand, was escorted to the Mackenzie Hospital Complex where he underwent emergency surgery.

Police said two warhead and two suspected 9MM spent shells were recovered at the scene by police detectives. Somersall is still hospitalised.

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