100 Mahdia residents for training under BIT by year-end


Persons living in Mahdia, Region Eight have been provided an opportunity to become multi-skilled by being trained under the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

This year, some 100 persons living in the mining town will be trained in one of the skillsets offered, Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton said while on the Mahdia Radio on Monday.

During his interview, the minister explained the importance of acquiring multiple skills.

“I say to young people, importantly, I believe that one talent or one skilled person will not be able to survive the world before the next five to ten years.”

“You have to be multi-skilled and multitalented. Only those persons will be employable because you have to be prepared for if a door is closed you can walk into another door because you already have different skills,” the Labour Minister said.

The BIT provides training in over 100 areas including garment construction, carpentry, electrical installation, masonry, cosmetology, catering, information technology, mechanics and heavy-duty equipment operation.

The programmes being offered to community members through BIT are a way of providing persons with the skill sets that will provide them with a steady income. It must be noted that tool kits are provided to each participant for the various programmes.

“I think it’s about 100 or there about persons in total being trained as I speak to you so by the end of this year you will have 100 persons in Mahdia and its environs who didn’t have a skill last year they will have a skill this year,”

“In two years of us being in government we have already trained 7,500 persons across this country,” the minister said.

He explained that when he was appointed to the ministerial position, BIT was training 1,300 to 1,500 however by the end of 2020, over 2,000 persons were trained.

2021 3,086 and this year 4,500 persons will be trained.

He said the rise in numbers is due to expansions into regions where these programmes had never been rolled out. He also encouraged more communities to reach out to the ministry for these programmes to be rolled out there.

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