East Coast Demerara men arrested with cocaine, ganja


Two men who reside on the East Coast of Demerara were arrested by police at the weekend after they were found with cocaine and marijuana in their possession.

At the Lusginan Pasture, 29-year-old Anil Sugrim called ‘Peacock’ was found with 2.5 grams of cocaine in his right front pocket. Police Headquarters reported that this incident occurred at about 17:00hrs on Sunday.

Police ranks received a tip and went to the location where they found Sugrim.

“Sugrim consented to a request from the ranks to carry out a search on his person,” the police reported.

He was told of the offence of possession of narcotic for the purpose of trafficking, cautioned and arrested.

Separately, a 46-year-old man from Coldingen was found with 41 zip-lock parcels of 42.2 grams of marijuana. Police said two 12-guage cartridges were also found in the man’s home.

Police said a party of ranks led by a Deputy Superintendent conducted a cordon-and-search exercise in the Vigilance Station District, where the home of the 46-year-old suspect was searched.

Police said the man denied ownership of the items.

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