Concrete drains for entire G/Town part of long term flood relief plan


Concrete drains, instead of the existing earthen drainage facilities, could be constructed throughout Georgetown as part of long term plans to upgrade the capital city’s infrastructure and relieve flooding woes.

This is according to Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, who on Monday engaged residents of Prashad Nagar and Bel Air, Georgetown on planned developments nearby.

In July, several members of the cabinet told South Georgetown residents that the government would construct these concrete drains as part of efforts to relieve flooding in that flood-prone area.

Because of its topography, the area has long been challenged by heavy rainfall, particularly during the biannual rainy seasons experienced in Guyana as floodwater accumulated for much longer periods.

Constant desilting is needed to keep the drains and canals in the area clean.

But on Monday, Jagdeo said that these efforts may be extended all across the city as the government hopes to improve people’s living conditions.

“Eventually we have to go to concrete drains in the entire city.

“… it will take quite a bit of money and effort to do that,” the Vice President told the residents.

He noted, however, that this is a costly venture. As such, the government is exploring new, innovative solutions that could see the work completed much faster, and at a lower cost.

Currently, the government routinely awards contracts to clean (desilt) the earthen drains. These drainage works are only a short term solution as those drains become filled with silt again.

Aside from the plans to upgrade the drains, the government is expanding the existing road network and building new roads to relieve traffic congestion woes.

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