Family seeks financial aid for woman with brain tumor to return to Guyana 


In early August, 34-year-old businesswoman Narifa Singh’s health took a drastic turn for the worse. Narifa, a mother of one from Danielstown, Essequibo Coast was diagnosed with a brain tumor that resulted in half of her body being paralysed.

To get her treated soonest, her family sent her to the United States but her condition has worsened over the past month and the family is now seeking the public’s assistance to bring her home after doctors said that nothing can be done to help her.

Her brother, Reaz Baksh, spoke with the News Room on Tuesday and explained that they are also seeking help to offset the cost of her medical bills.

Narifa has been hospitalised in an unconscious and critical state at Mount Sinai Hospital in the US since her arrival there.

“She is admitted to the Mount Sinai Hospital and they did several days of testing and they say they had to do a surgery, we thought the surgery was just to remove the tumor but they remove a piece of the tumor and did a biopsy test and it determined that it was cancerous,” Baksh explained.

Both of her lungs have since collapsed and she lost her ability to breathe on her own.

“They had to do a tracheotomy and while they were doing that both of her lungs stopped working,” the brother related.

Before her diagnosis, Baksh said they thought she had been overworked and needed rest. But after her condition continued to worsen, they took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a ‘cold in her hand’.

It was not until she was taken to a private hospital in Georgetown that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“She was losing motion on her right side, she couldn’t move much, as the days go by we took her to the doctor and they did some scans and nothing was diagnosed,” Baksh said.

Not long after Narifa lost all movement on her right side.

“From there it only got worse after they did the surgery, she never regained consciousness.

“The doctors are saying they can’t do nothing to help her at the moment,” Baksh told the News Room.

And so, the family has been trying to get Narifa home.

“We are asking for assistance to bring her back to Guyana,” Baksh stated.

Narifa is the mother of a seven-year-old girl and is the eldest of three siblings.

Anyone willing to assist the family can contact her brother at +592 648 8271.


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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    What a sad state of affairs for Nsrufa and she is so young It seems as though she only has a limited time left. However, that time could be lengthened if she is given the best treatment which she deserves. I do hope her family would be financially assisted to the maximum.

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