Gold miner, who left to buy sim card, goes missing


A 24-year-old gold miner of Warapoka Village, North West District has been missing since Friday with no sighting by or communication with friends, family and workmates.

The News Room understands that Ravin Williams was last seen at the Parika Stelling late in the afternoon.

According to his aunt, Helen Gomes, he was returning home from working in the interior and had stopped in Parika where he was seen drinking with four other miners.

“He come from Bartica, that was last week Friday and he come to Parika, they were like four persons with him, all of them come from the backdam together. When they reached Parika they started drinking,” Gomes related.

The aunt said when they were about to leave for Charity, Williams reportedly told the other men he was going to buy a sim card.

“He placed his bag and bucket in the boat to head to Charity and he told the boys he going and make a spin to buy a sim and he coming back,” Gomes explained.

But Williams was not seen or heard from since. After time passed and he did not return, the boat left for Charity without him.

The aunt said the other men waited for him at Charity but he never showed.

“They thought he would follow them but he never showed up.”

Meanwhile, it was not until another relative who was traveling with the men started inquiring about Williams that the family realised he was missing.

That relative, who worked along with Williams as an excavator operator, told the family he left Williams and the other men drinking at Parika.

“He is not calling or nothing, it is at Parika he went missing and nobody ain’t get no contact with he since then,” the aunt said.

Anyone with credible information on the whereabouts of Williams can make contact with his family at +592 678 0282 or contact the police.


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