Trinidad body distances itself from comments made by director 


The Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) has distanced itself from seemingly threatening comments made by one of its directors Jaishima Leladharsingh at the just concluded Guyana Basins Summit in Kingston, Georgetown.

Speaking in his personal capacity, Leladharsingh, based on reports, said that Trinidadian companies will move from Guyana to Suriname if Ramps Logistics does not receive its Local Content Certificate.

Ramps, a now divested Trinidadian-owned company, was initially denied a local content certificate which is needed to operate in Guyana’s nascent oil and gas sector in a major way, benefitting from preferential treatment in some respects.

The company has since reapplied for that certificate.

See below full release from the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI):

The Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI), the national umbrella body for services associations in the country, wishes to emphatically distance itself from the views expressed by a TTCSI director, Mr. Jaishima Leladharsingh, at the Guyana Basins Summit (GBS).

At the time, Mr. Leladharsingh spoke in his personal capacity and as such, the statements made are not—and do not—represent the view of the TTCSI.

Trinidad and Tobago has been pursuing the introduction of local content and participation legislation and the TTCSI continues to be supportive of this process.

Six energy services companies that recently completed TTCSI’s Gateway to Trade Export Accelerator Programme 2021/2022—Damus Limited, North West Maritime Limited, Kronus Geological Services Limited, Epic Maintenance Limited, Weldfab Limited and Phillips General Contracting Limited—are in Guyana attending the GBS.

The TTCSI is pleased that accomplished presenters have been scheduled to address various options for investment opportunities that may be of benefit to the above referenced companies and areas in which they can participate in neighbouring Guyana.

Several of the firms on the mission indicated that the Summit provided an excellent forum for networking and engagement and presented opportunities for integration between both Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.

The TTCSI commends the organisers of the Guyana Basins Summit for a strong agenda and one that is well-placed to achieve excellent results.

We look forward to future partnerships and collaborations as the Caribbean region continues to grow and develop a cadre of globally competitive companies within the Services Sector.

  1. Matthew says

    Is there anyway that we can assist in the Trinidad Companies moving to Suriname? Ride to de border? Packing materials? Anything at all?

    This mans comments are precisely the problem that led to Ramps issues. Trinidadians are far superior to Guyanese…….why jus de udder day their mirror told them so!

  2. Dicksonrp says

    Yet you one eyed Guyanase are blind to the Vampire USA companies who are sucking your blood dry PAYING NO TAXES, NO DUTIES!! Buy you want to single out Trinidad companies? If Ramps did wrong, prosecute them once the proof is there. Guyana will turn out to be penny wise, pound foolish. I await with baited breath, in 5 years time when the blind Guyana govt leading the flock realizes that the small money the Evil Exxon allows them to collect is just a small percentage of the expenses Exxon will hit them with because if the LOOP SIDED CORRUPT AGREEMENT THEY FOOLED THE BANANA REPUBLIC WITH. As soon as PPP start to bawl and get the balls to protest, the EVIL EMPIRE US will do a coup and overthrow PPP AGAIN…AGAIN…replace them 2nd time with the racist corrupt PNC. This is the US policy of the Monroe doctrine.

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