German’s Restaurant opens new location at Giftland Mall


German’s restaurant, established in the 1960s and now a household name in Guyana, has opened the door to its new location at the Giftland Mall.

The new location brings the restaurant’s famous cow heel soup to customers in the vicinity of the mall and has created jobs for some 10 persons, co-owner Clinton Urling said at the opening.

“Giftland has done a tremendous and amazing job in this area…they have attracted and created demand in this area that had nothing before (and) we thought it was opportune to bring our brand to our customers,” Urling told reporters on Thursday.

Clinton Urling, co-owner of German’s Restaurant

He added, “Guyana is on an upward trajectory in terms of the economic profile. We will be guided by that growth in terms of the areas we go with that.”

Urling highlighted that Giftland is a must stop shopping complex for locals and tourists. With this in mind, he thought the easily accessible mall was a smart place to open a location.

German’s has two other locations, at Tiger Bay and Robb Street in Georgetown.

“Once we saw the demand and the foot traffic that comes into this location we felt that German’s would be the ideal fit in terms of bringing our soup brands, which is unique here. We have several restaurants in this food court, but we are unique in a sense that we are the only one that offers soup, a variety of it,” Urling said.

Further, Urling said the company is considering further expansions. He noted that the restaurant has already expanded outside of Guyana, however, the company is focused on the demands of the country’s economy before moves are made.

A customer making a purchase at German’s Restaurant at the Giftland Mall (Photo: News Room/October 6, 2022)

There is a German’s restaurant in the United States of America and Urling added that there has been some consideration about expanding to another USA location.

However, Guyana’s economic growth has inspired the desire to expand locally as well.

“Besides just opening retail stores, one of the things the company wants to do is catering. We got all these oil companies and more companies coming to Guyana so we want to get on board to do that and that would create more jobs and boost the economy,”

The new restaurant displays all foods that are served at the other locations. Urling highlighted that the company is intent on maintaining its high standards at all locations.

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