PNC wishes ‘peace and blessings’ in Youman Nabi message


See below full statement issued by the People National Congress:

Today, we witnessed another Youman Nabi in our beautiful country Guyana. It is a time when we reflect on the birth of the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Islam teaches that the prophets who came before Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) like Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, Prophet Muhammed, are believed to have been sent by God to spread the teachings of monotheism – which is the belief that there is only one God. The record of the world shows that Muhammed, since his birth in 570 CE, lived and promulgated excellence in character and the best treatment towards women among other traits.

Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) was seen as the personification of righteousness, which became the way of life that mankind resort to in solving many of society’s present problems. In fact, the Prophet’s life is being used as a way of life for all Muslims and even non-Muslims. His teachings are referred to as a guide to uniting the world in love and harmony. It is noteworthy that Prophet Muhammad died in the year 632, but he spent his entire adult life teaching and practicing brotherhood and unity, kindness and forgiveness.

In Guyana, as we strive to become One People, One Nation and One Destiny, we are blessed to enjoy a high level of religious freedom and tolerance. And so today, here again on this special day of Youman Nabi, another perfect opportunity presents itself for us to remind ourselves as a country that there is hope and that we can make the effort to treat our people with respect and dignity. Let us use life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) as an inspiration for change so that we can be united as a people living in harmony.

We wish all of Guyanese at home and in the Diaspora, especially our Muslim brothers and sisters, a Happy Youman Nabi 2022.

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