‘Fake doctor’ Mikhail McLennan to be charged


Three months after he was accused of impersonating a doctor, Mikhail McLennan will be charged with the offence.

Police Headquarters in a statement on Monday said a report was compiled and forwarded to the Police Legal Advisor Mandel Moore for legal advice.

“It was advised that Mikhail McLennan be charged with Improper Use of Medical Title, Contrary to Section 13 (1) (c) of the Medical Practitioner Act Chapter 32:02,” the Police stated.

Police said the charge was already prepared and read to the defendant. He will appear at Diamond Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

Additionally, further investigations are to be conducted and the file is to be returned for further legal advice.

McLennan gained popularity after the Guyana Cancer Foundation exposed him for pretending to be a medical practitioner.

McLennan joined the Guyana Cancer Foundation in June 2022 but when the founder and president, Bibi Hassan, questioned him about his Medical Degree, he reportedly refused to produce a copy.

The Foundation also released McLennan’s curriculum vitae with several inaccuracies. All the universities he said he attended have all denied that he was ever a student.

That CV stated that he is a former student at Queen’s College, the country’s top secondary school, Texila American University and a student at the University of Guyana.

But Queen’s College, UG and Texila have denied that he attended the institutions.

There are claims that McLennan also secured jobs at private health facilities and even treated someone wrongfully in the past.

On his CV, he also claimed to have worked at the Georgetown and New Amsterdam Public Hospitals.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    As the saying goes “,It is wrong for one to hang his or her hat where that person’s hand cannot reach” meaning why pretend to be someone else who, in your opinion is better than you are. Is Mr. McLennon ashamed of his status and why? Again,. Mr. NcLennon chose the medical field to carry on with his falsehood thereby putting persons health in jeopardy. Persons could have ended up dead after using the incorrect medication. It is an extremely serious offence and U do hope that systems would be properly put in place.

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