Kaieteur News robbery: Publisher suspects inside job


Three gunmen invaded local newspaper Kaieteur News just after midnight on Monday, held three staff at gunpoint and made off with millions in cash along with a 9mm handgun with ammunition.

Kaieteur News publisher Glenn Lall told the News Room that the incident occurred at about 00:50hrs at the company’s Saffon Street, Georgetown location.

Noel Junior, a 63-year-old security guard; Wayne Little, a 20-year-old graphic designer and Joshua Junior, a 35-year-old security guard were made to lie on the floor while the gunmen made their way to the second floor of the building.

Police Headquarters reported that the men were robbed of their smartphones and $5000 in cash.

The News Room understands that editorial staff were also in the building at the time.

“What the security said is they [held them at gunpoint], put them to lie down and they went upstairs, break the Accounts [Department] door and break one of the drawers that they keep the petty cash in,” Lall related.

He did not wish to disclose the exact amount of cash taken but noted that it was millions. Because the suspects only took about five minutes to carry out the robbery, Lall believes it was an inside job.

“It was an inside job, because there is no way somebody will come off the road and see several desks and go to one particular drawer, break it and pick up the safe,” Lall explained.

While the company’s security camera captured the men, it is difficult to identify the. since they were wearing face masks and also turned off the lights in the building.

Police said the suspects arrived in a gold coloured Spacio motor car but the registration number is unknown.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    An inside job indeed. Based on the information that was given to them, tho bandits knew exactly which direction to take when they entered the office and which one of the safes to cart off. Even though it seems difficult at this time to apprehend them with the use of artificial intelligence and criminology to the fullest, I trust that they would be apprehended. Last but not least, my sympathy goes out to Mr. Glen Lall.

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