NDC Chairman dies after stung by bees, two others injured in separate attacks


Cheemanlall Youardhan, Chairman of the Wyburg/Caracas Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) succumbed on Monday after he was stung by hundreds of bees on September 27.

His daughter, Marissa Youardhan, in a public post on social media, said that he was called to the Waterworks Dam to make checks on a bulldozer when a swarm of African bees attacked him.

It was a farmer that made contact with his family after the NDC Chairman was found in an unconscious state. Youardhan was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital and subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he later died.

Keerat Kassim

Meanwhile, in Crabwood Creek, Keerat Kassim, 38, a farmer was discharged from the Skeldon Hospital earlier on Monday where he was treated after he too was attacked by bees.

Kassim told the News Room that on Saturday last he was in the backdam about to plough his land when a swarm of bees surfaced from the bush in the nearby farm lot. He said he ran but the thousands of bees followed and stung his face and head multiple times.

“Dem bite up me head and me run and jump overboard in the trench, me nearly drown all because every time me raise up to catch me breath dem bite me up,” Kassim related.

He said he managed to make it to his motorcycle and rode away. He made contact with his wife before started to feel weak and lost his vision.

The man made it to the Skeldon Hospital moments before he collapsed.

In another attack, a man from Crabwood Creek was also stung by bees. That individual has since been released from the hospital and is also recovering.

Within the past year there has been an increase in bee attacks, with several being fatal.

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