Laden trucks can cross Harbour Bridge between midnight and 4am


The Public is hereby notified that as of mid-night tonight, October 11, 2022, vehicles weighing 18 tonnes and under will be allowed to transit the Demerara Harbour Bridge, however, this will only be allowed under a special arrangement.

Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works, says following another inspection of the bridge by Structural Engineers, the bridge’s Management Team has advised that the retractor span can accommodate 18 tonnes with specific restrictions.

“Firstly, Structural Engineers are recommending that the weight of 18tonnes and under be allowed to cross the bridge, but only between the hours of 00:00hrs (12:00 PM) to 04:00hrs (AM), when there is far less traffic on the bridge.

“There is also a stipulation with the speed limit, drivers must adhere to the speed limit of 32KMH while traversing in one direction at a time,” The Minister has made clear.

Minister says Shift Supervisors, along with the Special Constabulary Ranks will be closely monitoring the transit of vehicles on the bridge to ensure adherence to the temporary special arrangements.

“I want to reiterate my gratitude to commuters and drivers for their patience during this unexpected ordeal and urge them to use the bridge with care, I implore you to follow the rules, your safety is very important, and we want you to reach your destination safely.”

(Ministry of Public Works press release)

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