Agri Ministry hosts health fair to promote wellness


The Ministries of Agriculture and Health on Thursday teamed up to host a health fair as part of Agriculture month activities.

Held at the Ministry of Agriculture compound on Regent Street, the event was geared to promote good health for all Guyanese.

Several free of cost health services were offered, inclusive of oral health checks, body mass index (BMI) testing, blood pressure and sugar testing, optometry, mental health and cancer awareness.

Representatives of the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS) were also in attendance.

Further, vaccines for COVID-19 and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) were also offered, while a blood donation drive was held.

Loarine Adams

Loarine Adams, who visited the fair, told the News Room that the services offered are appreciated because most people don’t make the time to visit hospitals, adding that the fair was a convenient event.

Initially, she said she wanted to donate blood, but after receiving a blood pressure test, she was told she could not due to the result being a high level.

“I took time off from my busy work schedule to get my blood pressure tested and I also had my blood sugar tested. The blood pressure was a bit up and blood sugar soaring.”

Adams added that she was given medication and asked to return for a follow-up the same day.

“I am grateful for this time because you know sometimes you don’t really get a chance to say you’re going to get a check-up,” Adams said.

Adams said her colleagues also took the opportunity to get their various screenings done.

Jocette Bacchus at her booth (Photo: Ministry of Agriculture Facebook)

Meanwhile, Jocette Bacchus, who had a booth at the event. said her participation in the fair was to spread awareness on breast cancer.

Noting that this is breast cancer awareness and mental health month, Bacchus said she was privileged to share the message “get tested early”.

Bacchus is the manager for Shopping Therapy, which is an online shopping site that provides services for persons and companies, inclusive of ministries.

She said during October, the business gets items and trinkets that can aid is spreading awareness. She said this was an opportunity to spread awareness on both topics. All proceeds from the items are then used to provide persons with free tests.

“They have gracefully asked us to be part of the health fair to aid in the sensitisation of breast cancer or the awareness role, because as you know your mental health, just as your physical health, is important,” Bacchus said.

She felt that despite the inclement weather for the most part of the day, the purpose of the fair was achieved.

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