Rocktober Fest slated for October 15


Black Magenta in collaboration with local rock band member Gavin Singh will be hosting Rocktober Fest, at the Georgetown Club, Camp Street, on Saturday, October 15.

The super concert will see live performances by Trinidad and Tobago rock band Orange Sky and several local rock bands including local veteran band Et tu Brutus.

Singh, who is a member of Feed the Flames, and Orange Sky’s lead singer Nigel Rojas, in an interview with the News Room, said they anticipate “magical” performances at the concert.

“We’re really looking forward to just a magical show…I can’t see anything but magic happening tomorrow,” the lead singer said.

Orange sky has been in existence since 1996 and has toured the United States of America (USA), Europe, India and the Caribbean. However, the band has never come to Guyana but it has performed alongside Feed the Flames in Trinidad.

The rock concert was planned and organised after Orange Sky indicated that they wanted to perform in Guyana. Orange Sky, Project X and Et tu Brutus are among the major bands persons can expect to see performing live on the stage at the Georgetown Club.

Notably, the two older bands are both celebrating their 27th anniversary this year and it will be the first time they perform at the same event.

“I know people when they hear rock they think heavy metal and they think a lot of head banging…this show it’s not only about the metal. We have the local legends, the local veterans Et tu Brutus who will also be celebrating 27 years. It’s the first time they are performing together so that’s a big deal,” Singh said.

He added, “In terms of music, we have a wide variety. Orange Sky has roots rock – like a mixture of reggae and rock – so it’s not just about the heavy metal.”

Meanwhile Rojas said: “It’s rock and roll and its music so you know people are going to entertain themselves pretty much as rockers do. But we are going to have a few local bands that we looking forward to mixing with. We’re looking forward to just come in and networking and meeting all the beautiful people of Guyana.”

The gates will open at 18:00 hrs with the performances expected at 20:00 hrs. Tickets cost $2,000. They can be purchased at the various Bad Monkey stores and at Black Magenta at Georgetown Club.

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Excellent 👍👍!
    I remember when I had long hair and loved rock music in the late 1970s and 80s many people in my village in Berbice thought I was a little crazy. lolol. I used to live and breathe rock music. These days I am not like that anymore and the long hair has long gone. I don’t listen to rock that much anymore too although yesterday I did spend about an hour pulling up classic rock songs on YouTube. Good memories. Good times. 🙂

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