President’s new ‘1000 men’ programme to tackle violence, other problems 


President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Sunday announced the establishment of a new “1000 men” programme that aims to eradicate violence and other ills in communities all across the country. 

The Head of State, during a visit to Leguan on Sunday, said this programme will include men from the armed forces, sportsment, religious leaders, teachers, community workers, farmers and entertainers. 

And he intends to lead the programme himself. 

“The mission of these 1000 men is to work in every single community to eradicate hunger… and to lift up those who are emotionally affected, socially affected. 

“It is to change every society and bring positive living and positive life in every single community (and) it is to work against violence and work to make men better and more responsible,” President Ali said while addressing a gathering at the Leguan Masjid. 

This effort is being pursued in response to a need for transformed male relations and socialisation in Guyana, Dr. Ali explained. 

He lamented that men often believe that they do not have a community of support and as such, may resort to some undesirable behaviours. 

But the Head of State hopes to change this by helping men understand the gravity of the issues in society and their much-needed role in improving their communities. A key issue, he highlighted, is for them to understand that violence against women and children cannot be accepted. 

“…. We have to be an active partner in making the changes we want in society,” Dr. Ali posited. 

A release from the Office of the President noted that the members of the programme will be deployed across the country and will be tasked with integrating young Guyanese men into the economic and social life of the country. 

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