Agri. Minister instructs new GuySuCo Board to establish better working relations with estate managers


See full statement from the Ministry of Agriculture below:

Today the new member of the Board of Directors for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) met with Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha following Cabinet’s no objection to their appointment.

During the brief meeting, Minister Mustapha told the new Board Members that the revitalization and modernization of Guyana’s sugar industry remain of utmost importance to the Government and the people of Guyana.

While reminding them of the difficulties faced when several estates were closed by the APNU/AFC administration, Minister Mustapha said that the government remains steadfast in its efforts to restore the sector and that it was the responsibility of the Board to implement the policies of the government as it relates to the development of the industry.

Minister Mustapha also said that it was important for a direct line of communication between the Board of Directors and the Estates’ management to be established. This, he added, was vital to the effective functioning and operation of the various estates.

He also encouraged the members to work as a collective and maintain effective cooperation and professionalism as the ultimate goal of the Board was to ensure the industry regains viability.

The new members of the GuySuCo Board of Directors are Mr. Madanlall Ramraj, Mr. Jairam Petam, Mr. Mohamed Raffik, Mr. Roy Hanoman Singh, Ms. Shaleeza Shaw, Mr. Tarachand Balgobin, Ms. Shameera Evans, Mr. Desmond Sears, Mr. Vishnu Panday, Mr. Paul Cheong, Mr. Ramnarayan Rupan, and Mr. Aslim Singh.


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