Woman assaulted by Ossie Rodgers not satisfied with police probe

- accused skips country without charge


A female sales representative who was reportedly assaulted by popular talk show and radio host Ossie Rodgers is not satisfied with the way in which the police in Berbice are handling the case.

Kamala Bharrat known as ‘Varsha’, 31, of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice said that she feels as though the matter will be swept under the rug.

Bharrat’s assault was captured on surveillance cameras on October 9, 2022 at a Chinese supermarket where she has been working for the past four years.

The woman told the News Room on Tuesday that on the day of the incident, Rodgers purchased alcohol at the supermarket during which he got into an argument with the “boss lady” over the aggressive manner in which he opened the fridge.

According to Bharrat, the Chinese national asked Rodgers to open the door with caution but he ignored her.

“Me boss lady take the stick and tap he on he shoulder and tell he not to open the fridge door.”

Bharrat claimed that Rodgers then reportedly grabbed the stick and lashed the Chinese woman before he exited the supermarket to continue imbibing with his friends outside.

Bharrat said she later went outside to get a bucket and mop to clean the supermarket when Rodgers and his company of male friends began hurling degrading remarks at her.

“He say how that’s the work me got to do for the rest of my life, me got to wipe them Chine people floor and me can’t do nothing more.”

Bharrat said she responded to Rodgers and walked away when he threatened to slap her. She said that Rodgers followed her in the supermarket and the heated exchange continued until Rodgers slapped her several times to the head.

The woman said she and her boss later visited the Fort Wellington Police station to report the incident when they met Rodgers there.

Bharrat claimed that the police ranks were more concerned about Rodgers and asked him if he is ok.

She said the police were also reluctant to take her statement and repeatedly asked her if she was sure she wanted to file the complaint.

She eventually gave a statement and underwent a medical examination the Fort Wellington Hospital.

Bharrat said she went back to the police station two days later to get an update on the matter but there was no progress. According to the woman, she is suffering from head and ear pain and has not been able to work since the incident.

Rodgers has since left Guyana for New York without being charged or arrested.

Calls to the Police Commander Lonsdale Withwrite for a comment on the incident were futile.

This is not the first time that Rodgers has assaulted a woman.

In 2014  he was hauled before the court and charged for assaulting a 13-year-old and for also threatening the mother of the teen.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Is Ossie Rodgers immune from prosecution? I wonder. People have been involved in less serious matters than the one he has been involved in and have been prosecuted. What bothers me even more is the fact that he was not arrested and was allowed to walk free even showing up in America where he attended a rally. Another person with no affiliation would have been extradited. What goes for one should go for another.

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