Guyana, Grenada talk enhanced partnership but Guyanese urged to return home


Foreign Secretary of Guyana Robert M. Persaud recently met with Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Export Development of Grenada Joseph Andall to discuss enhanced bilateral cooperation between Guyana and Grenada in several areas.

During the meeting in St George, the Foreign Secretary lauded the Guyana/ Grenada relations and highlighted the need for enhanced collaboration in regional integration efforts within the Caribbean Community.=

During the discussion, he also addressed Grenada’s support for President Ali’s regional food security agenda, which will see countries within CARICOM import bill reduced by 25% by 2025. The issues faced by Guyanese living in Grenada were also discussed.

During his visit, the Foreign Secretary met with the Guyanese diaspora, some of whom migrated since the 1970s and 1980s from Guyana.

Grenada has a small Guyanese population who have been contributing to the service and education sectors in the country. At the meeting, Mr. Persaud also emphasized the opportunities and developments currently ongoing in Guyana and the benefits and importance of the collective diaspora.

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