Works progressing on Amelia’s Ward/Bamia Primary School


The construction of the Amelia’s Ward/Bamia Primary School in Linden, Region Ten is on schedule and will house some 800 students in the community.

The $364 million project got underway following the contract signing by Statement Investment Incorporated in November 2021 and is expected to be completed in July 2023.

Foreman, Akni Blair

Foreman on the ground, Akni Blair said work is progressing.

“The guys are directing poles of columns. This entire section of the floor has already been sand filled, compacted, and tested. And that is a massive achievement by any stretch because this is no small job.

By the end of next week, we are going to cast the entire floor. The work is so set out. And because things have to be done in a systematic way, it is the nature of construction,” Blair noted.

Workers at the construction site

In construction, he explained that there are timelines for everything.

“People on the outside, who do not know the construction, would be jumping all over the place, well, we want to see this. We want to see that. When you talk about compacting sand that is eight feet depth… you have to do it in layers, foot by foot. Each foot you throw in,” he said.

Blair explained that the clearance for the compaction testing must be provided by the consultant for the work to continue.

Works completed thus far on the Primary School at Bamia/Amelia’s Ward

He noted that the construction is still on schedule despite some minor setbacks.

“You have to consider the weather factors…But, at the end of the day, our completion time is in July and we are working to ensure that we meet the deadline according to the contract,” he stated.

Ongoing works at the Primary School at Bamia/Amelia’s Ward

Approximately, 52 persons have been employed to complete the construction of the school.

Blair noted that “It’s going to ramp up because as soon as you see the contractors, they would bring in other people. Right now, they are in the prep stage for these beams, but within two days, all of these beams would be up.”

The multi-million-dollar project is part of the PPP/C Government’s drive to ensure every child can access an education. (Extracted and Modified from DPI)

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