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The sacred festival of Deepavali revolves around the concept of light. Maha Lakshmi who is worshipped throughout the 5-day period epitomizes this inner divine light that devotees seek to kindle.

The symbolic but important lighting of diyas represents the battle against negativity and as each one is lit, prayers are recited to Maha Lakshmi for her blessings so that every iota of darkness could be dispelled internally and externally.

This Diwali, the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha encourages all to divest themselves of negative thoughts and energy and emerge renewed and invigorated to contribute in all spheres of their life positively while maintaining a state of happiness, hope and resilience.

President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr. Vindhya Vasini Persaud encouraged all Guyanese to continue to participate in this unifying festival that has been a part of the national Guyanese calendar for decades.

President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr. Vindhya Vasini Persaud

She emphasized that we can all benefit from the internal transformation that this festival espouses which urges the dispelling of negative energies, tendencies and qualities from within. By lighting the diyas we are kindling our divine light which we can share with all whom we come into contact with and also eradicate every trace of darkness from every nook and cranny of our country.

Dr. Persaud said she loves the sacred festival for its deep spiritual meaning which encourages faith and devotion in God and emphasizes that as a people we must reject anything that spews discord, disharmony, animosity and chaos and also, that Guyana is unique in the sense that people from all walks of life embrace the beautiful and majestic Motorcade making it synonymous with Diwali celebrations in Guyana.

Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha extends Deepavali greetings to all Guyanese and pray that the infinite blessings of Maha Lakshmi be showered on all families and the entire country so that we all may live in peace, unity, harmony and love all our lives and that the country may enjoy continuous prosperity and success.

The Festival of Lights, Deepavali is an opportune time for reflection and self assessment and for families to be closer knitted and adhere to good values and principles that will flow into the wider communities auguring well for our future.

Diwali is observed on the darkest night or amawasya of the Hindu Month of Kartik and we encourage all to light thousands of diyas to challenge and remove darkness where it exists ushering Lakshmi Ma and the light aur reperesents.

Shubh deepavali from GHDS

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