No censure for Charrandas Persaud over abuse of Indian woman


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has determined not to censure High Commissioner to India, Charrandas Persaud, though a video which surfaced on Tuesday shows him verbally abusing an Indian woman, in clear contradiction of the rules that govern the conduct of Guyana’s diplomats.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ memo on the duties and responsibilities to Guyana’s heads of missions overseas dictates that they “demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, deportment, efficiency and diplomatic refinement in all conduct to maintain and accentuate standing and influence”.

Further, heads of missions are obligated to “develop and maintain personal warmth, charm and collegial relations with all staff of the Mission, colleague diplomats and representatives and nationals of the host country.”

In the video, Mr Persaud is heard hurling obscene abuse against the woman. The incident occurred last year, but only came to light when the video was released. The Foreign Ministry, in a statement, determined that the matter was closed.

The Foreign Ministry took that position after saying that the matter was “fully investigated” by the Indian authorities and it was determined, through communication on September 3 last, that the complaint by the woman of “sexually abusive words” had “not been substantiated.”

However, in the video, it was clear that Mr Persaud used such language. He said: “If you want the dog, take it and put it between your legs…you probably want the dog f%$k you”.

Opposition Shadown Minister Amanza Walton-Desir has called for Mr Persaud to be recalled from New Delhi.

Mr Persaud and other diplomats are bound by a code of conduct set out in the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and a recently issued memo.

The memo, issued on August 10, 2022, specifies that heads of missions should “adhere to the cardinal principle of not using privileges and immunities as a sword but as a shield and promote, portray and project a favourable image of Guyana at all times.”

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