Toddler dies by drowning; left at home with younger sibling


Jeremiah Rodrigues, a one-year and nine months old boy of Lower Pomeroon River, Essequibo reportedly drowned on Wednesday while at home with his younger sibling. 


The tragic incident occurred at about 09:30hrs at Grant Kitty, Lower Pomeroon.


Police Headquaters said in a statement that around 08:30hrs, the boy’s mother Dacia Torres left her home and went to work a short distance away, leaving her two months old baby along with Jeremiah at home.


At about 09:30 hrs, Dacia’s sister Candaci Torres saw Jeremiah’s body floating in a nearby trench and alerted her sister. 


The toddler’s motionless body was taken out of the water and transported to the Charity Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Police said checks were made for marks of violence but none were found.



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  1. Matthew says

    You cannot leave a 2 months old with a less than 2 year old. You just cannot. I am sure the mother is grieving but you cannot do this…..not even animals do it.

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