Career guidance, mental health plans being developed by Youth Advisory Council


The new President’s Youth Advisory Council has begun the arduous task of developing plans to help the country’s youth with career guidance, mental health, business proposals and agriculture.

This is according to President Irfaan Ali who has been instrumental in steering the work of the Council.

“The Youth Advisory council has been working, they have been meeting and working on a number of plans. I know in the last conversation with them they were working on a plan for mental health, looking at the education system seeing ways in which they can work with the schools and looking at career guidance,” President Dr Irfaan Ali told the media on Friday at the sidelines of an event at the Georgetown Club.

He added that the Council is also developing social plans in different communities.

Agriculture is also being examined where the council plans to highlight the opportunities in agriculture and how they can expand and gain access to capital through agriculture.

President Ali said a group is also being organised to “help young people write business proposals.”

The council which was launched in August this year is expected to work closely with policy-makers at all levels of government.

The establishment of this council is not only a promise delivered to the people of the country but an indication of the government’s commitment to inclusive development and governance.

Dr. Josh Kanhai, a young politician who has been associated with two of the smaller political parties in Guyana, is serving as the Co-Chairman of the council along with Tracy Shamsudeen.


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