Bath Settlement fire leaves five homeless


A fire on Saturday has left a family of five pondering their next move.

A rice farmer, his wife and three children of Block D Bath Settlement lost the house they’ve been residing in for almost 20 years.

Bhaskanand Baldeo, 40, told News Room that he was in the backdam when he was informed via a call that his home was on fire at approximately 08:30hrs.

Bhaskanand Baldeo and his family

Baldeo said his 15-year-old daughter was at home with her 2-year-old brother at the time and when he arrived, the entire building was completely engulfed in flames.

His daughter related that she was in the hammock in the bottom flat when she heard items falling in house and shortly after smelled smoke coming from upstairs.

When she checked, she saw flames emanating from a back room.

“After she see the fire from upstairs she run out and leff it,” Baldeo said, noting that the house was fully furnished.
The family’s car was also damaged in the blaze.

The cause of the fire remains unknown but an investigation by the Guyana Fire Service is underway.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    This is so sad. It is not an easy thing to lose one’s possessions to fire. Some things are irreplaceable. How could I sympathize with the family? Mere words could do nothing for them. To begin from the bottom again is not an easy tafk.I grieve for the family.

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