Three arrested as Timehri man admits to stealing gadgets, alcohol from private jet


A Timehri resident has admitted to stealing a number of electronic gadgets, alcohol and other items from a private jet at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

Albert Rajram also known as ‘Bunny’ of Circuit Road, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, is currently in police custody and is assisting with the investigations, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum told the News Room. Two other persons were also arrested.

“He was arrested on Monday at his residence by investigators between four and 5 O’clock… and upon being arrested the police told him of the allegation and he admitted to the offence,” the Crime Chief said.

The man told investigators that he dug a hole under the fence of the perimeter of the airport and made his way onto the airport tarmac.

Afterward, he broke into the aircraft and stole several items including several Ipods and beverages that belonged to the victim.

Blanhum said the incident occurred between October 26 and October 29. When Rajram was taken into custody he told investigators about another location where he had other stolen items hidden.

“Police also conducted a search of his house and they found most of the stolen items…He took the police to another location where the other items were located,” Blanhum added.

The private jet had landed in Guyana on Wednesday last and was parked close to the hanger of the Guyana Defence Air Corps at the CJIA. Reports are that when the pilots returned to the airport on Friday to prepare their flight for takeoff, they discovered that the main door to the plane was breached.

  1. Matthew says

    This is a much more serious crime than break and enter. That aircraft was/is compromised. He could have easily sent the passengers to their death. A public flogging, followed by a fair trial and a hanging would be too good for this mastermind.

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    I am satisfied that the perpetrators of this particular theft have been arrested. Their actions are putting Guyana in a bad light globally. It is time for this dishonesty to stop.

  3. Derk says

    These seems to be persons who are ‘normally’ involved in this type of crime. This is a serious risk at CJIA.

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