JTECH X Automotive Art, Vibrant Performance launch ‘Road to November’ campaign

- Unveil FuelTech as new partner


With the clock counting down to the much anticipated the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) International Race of Champions, the JTECH X Automotive Art/Vibrant Performance team has launched its ‘Road to November’ campaign.

Saturday’s launch at the company’s Croal Street office coincided with the announcement that JTECH would become the official dealers of the FuelTech Electronic Control Unit (ECU) locally.

FuelTech is an international company specialised in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art performance engine management systems. The company’s elite staff, always keeping a grip on the forefront of technology available, guarantees top notch quality and constant innovation.

The product line’s greatest advantage is its overall simplicity, from its painless installation to real time tuning in just hours, depending on the application. “Our FT series ECU’s built-in interface is a complete set that allows the user to have full control of the engine without the need of a PC, emphasising the on the spot, do it yourself concept,” the company said.

Stefan Jeffrey’s Unruly Honda Civic will be running the new Area 51 Race Cars/FuelTech FT600 custom road race complete package

The Vibrant Performance ‘Unruly’ Honda Civic was unveiled running a new Area 51 Race Cars/FuelTech FT600 custom road race complete package system ahead of the Group Three class of action, with Fuel-Tech representative Omar Crespo firing up the car for a brief show of the unit.

“The complete FT600 road race package system will allow us to control the engine, control the chassis wiring and monitor data and log all sensors connected to the system. The custom engine and chassis harness built by Area 51 Race Cars was designed in a way that both engine and chassis harness were integrated into one clean unit.”

Stefan Jeffrey (right) and Omar Crespo

He added, “The benefits of this one unit design are quick disconnect (in case of engine damage or having to swap harnesses to a different chassis). The ECU control of actuators and pumps (fans, solenoids, fuel pumps, water pumps) can connect as many sensors as possible while maintaining a clean and organised look.”

JTECH X Automotive Art, through their local arm, said, “We’re excited to continually add industry leading brands to our product offering here at JTECH. Having FuelTech and Omar Crespo come on-board with us soldifies that claim with Fuel-Tech being one of the most sought after performance ECU’s in today’s market. Our team is constantly working to develop the unruly civic into a truly state of the art machine built right here on home soil. We hope to see support in the thousands as we take on the rest of the Caribbean.”

With just under two weeks remaining for the GMR&SC Ignite event, Unruly Civic driver Stefan Jeffrey is looking forward to the event, especially given that the car made a clean sweep on its last circuit racing outing.

The team picked up three wins from three races on the last outing, and now has an eye on replicating the feat come November 12 and 13.

“With Fuel-Tech coming on board for this race meet, we have managed to improve the reliability of the Unruly Civic. Not that it was unreliable, but you can never be too sure when it comes to racing and with the complete FT600 road race package, we would able to pick up any issues we may have at an earlier time, as Omar explained earlier.”

“We want to repeat the last outing with three wins, but at the same time it’s a new track layout which is longer and much more demanding on both driver and car; still we are ready for the challenge when we go testing this weekend.”

Saturday’s launch was done in collaboration with the GT Callout group; the team putting together a car show for likeminded enthusiasts and race fans.

While there, fans were given a brief tour of the JTECH and Automotive Art product line

Those fans, were also treated to giveaways from the JTECH team, including shirts as well as GT Callouts memorabilia.

Vibrant Performance is an industry leader in fabrication materials, providing the best in intake, exhaust and fluid delivery components for automotive, marine, exotic, diesel and off-road applications.

The car’s other sponsors are Automotive Art, HAVIN’S Marine Custom Fabrication and Tropics.

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