Man gets life imprisonment for raping 3-year-old


Troy Chapman, 31, was on Tuesday sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving 18 years.

He is convicted of raping a 3-year-old girl.

The sentence was handed down by Justice Sandil Kissoon.

Last month, Chapman confessed to engaging in sexual penetration with the victim on June 15, 2021.

Chapman was represented by Teriq Mohammed. The state was represented by prosecutors Cicelia Corbin, Caressa Henry, and Paneeta Persaud.

During the sentencing hearing on Tuesday, Justice Kissoon said, “this crime is particularly horrific and disturbing. This crime in itself stands among the worst of the worst offenses…”

He said that the accused was a friend of the victim’s family who would regularly visit the home.

On the day in question, the child was left in his care and he went to the victim’s bedroom. There he raped the child.

Chapman was spotted by a passerby who alerted the child’s family. The incident was also caught on camera.

“ Such conduct, such behaviors, such acts must never be condoned and accepted… [you] commit one of the gravest crimes that exist among humans,” the Judge said.

He added that Chapman unleashed “anguish and nightmares onto the victim.”

  1. Matthew says

    This guy does not look all there. This type of crime is so disturbing……

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    What a heinous crime. The deflowering of such a young infant is so horrific. That has damaged the victim mentally, physically and morally.. The victim is tarnished for life and even the maximum sentence cannot compensate for what was done to her..

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