New York Attorney General slammed for ‘coziness’ with Rickford Burke


Michael Henry has scorned Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, who he challenges for the post,  over her coziness with overseas-based political activist Rickford Burke who he said is facing several charges in Guyana including cybercrime extortion and a sexual assault case in the US.

“It is disgraceful that Letitia James would embrace a wanted criminal who calls for racial violence against ethnic minorities here in New York. Violence against political opponents has no place here. Period,” Henry said in a press release on Thursday.

He further added: “Letitia James should apologize – immediately – to the South Asian and Caribbean communities and all decent people here in New York for elevating and embracing someone who encourages violence on our streets.”

James embraced Rickford Burke as a “brother from another mother,” at a Brooklyn meeting this past weekend.
Henry in his release stated that Burke faces charges in Guyana of “inciting public terror” and “race hatred.”
He further accused Burke of organizing rallies in New York, calling for violence and intimidation against Indian-American and Caribbean-American business owners in Queens.

“He has also called for violence in Guyana, and made racial slurs against the South Asian community in New York,” the press release stated.

Further: “The PNC attempted to steal an election in 2020 and refused to concede for five months. The US, UK, EU, Canada and others intervened after the attempted fraud. The Guyana elections were certified by the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) – and every other Caribbean nation – after Burke’s party tried – for five months – to delay the certification and execute a failed coup.”

“Despite the international intervention, Letitia James advanced Burke’s claim that the Guyanese election was “rigged,” “stolen” and “racist,” told a Brooklyn audience that she would use her power as Attorney General to involve other Democrat Attorneys General to call on the Department of Justice and Biden Administration to go after the duly elected Guyanese government.”

  1. Matthew says

    It should surprise no one that she likes Burke……persons that share racial ideologies tend to stick together. BLM and only OBLM. They are not helping here or in the USA or anywhere else for that matter.

  2. Singh says

    Agreed she never lived in Guyana

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