Guyana, Brazil collaborate on vaccination campaign in Lethem, Bonfim


Guyana has now joined forces with the Health Ministry in Brazil to immunize persons living in Lethem and Bonfim from diseases that can be treated and avoided through vaccination. The campaign, ‘D’ Day will make accessible, vaccines from the national vaccination schedule.

Speaking at the launch on Saturday in Bonfim, Guyana’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Narine Singh, said given the close proximity between Guyana and Brazil, collaboration to stem disease outbreaks are important.

“An outbreak in any of our neighbouring villages, cities or towns, both sides can be affected. So we have to protect ourselves and protect our neighbours.”

“We hope to see this collaboration continue to grow from strength to strength. This activity represents that joint collaboration we have and that neighbourly connection that we have,” the Chief Medical Officer said.

He added that Guyana, which has a high vaccination uptake of a yearly 95 to 98 per cent, can hopefully help to increase the uptake seen in Brazil.

Dr Singh said, “I hope by the end of this that the Brazilian side, their figures will be much higher but also on our side, our figures will be much higher and so both sides win at the end.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr Narine Singh

Notably, the campaign was launched with the intent of targeting residents of Lethem – a community with a low vaccination rate against the deadly coronavirus.

In addition, the constant movement of persons between Region Nine and Brazil signifies the importance of strengthening immunization within the region.

According to the Technical Consultant of Foreign Affairs, Fernanda Manara, who represented the Brazilian Minister of Health, the campaign is a momentous programme that will save lives.

“Guyana and Brazil have a history of bilateral corporation in health so ‘D’ Day vaccination campaign that we are celebrating today is an important landmark for public health in the region.

“This collaboration between both countries is really important we really have to emphasize these actions so as to raise awareness on vaccination and how it saves lives,” Manara said.

Technical Consultant of Foreign Affairs Fernanda Manara

This is among several joint programmes that have been rolled out for Guyanese through the aid of Brazil. Guyana has benefited from ventilators and protective equipment that were needed during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Guyana Health Ministry is currently collaborating to provide nurses with necessary training programmes through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and an agreement has been signed for Brazil to help strengthen Guyana’s security and surveillance to fight and prevent crime.



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