NCN accuses APNU+AFC of constant attacks against its media workers


See below full statement issued by NCN:

APNU + AFC continues its attacks and intimidation tactics on staff of the National Communications Network Inc. (NCN).

The latest incident was on Sunday November 6, 2022, at Arcadia Four Corner, Mocha, EBD, where APNU + AFC held a public meeting. In the course of executing their duties to provide coverage of the meeting, two cameramen in the employ of NCN were attacked and intimidated led by APNU + AFC Member of Parliament, Nima Flue-Bess.

MP Flue-Bess demanded that the cameramen present their IDs. Upon stating their place of employment, the cameramen were told there was no need for them to record the event. This was in spite of other cameras that were in place to cover the said event.

Having stood their ground to execute their duties, MP Flue-Bess then called the Police officials present to have the cameramen removed. The Inspector and Sergeant on the scene engaged the cameramen and then threatened to seize their equipment if they recorded the event.

It was only after the intervention of a Senior Officer that the cameramen were able to proceed with the execution of their duties.

This is not the first instance during which NCN’s staff have been attacked and intimidated and denied access to events hosted by APNU + AFC. During the National Toshao’s Conference in July, another camera-operator who arrived to give coverage to the Opposition’s reception for the leaders at Bookland Gardens, Woolford Avenue, was turned away by the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Aubrey Norton.

In May this year in Linden, the NCN team was again attacked during a poorly attended walk-about the Opposition had in Amelia’s Ward.

Last month, a member of the news team posed a question to the Opposition Leader over his threats to remove Jermaine Figuera as Region 10 Party chairman after he shook hands and interacted with President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali while on a walk about in Linden. After evading the question, Mr. Norton instead attacked the company’s coverage of his party’s events.

NCN forthrightly condemns these attacks by the APNU + AFC on its staff and views it as a direct attempt to intimidate and prevent them for performing their duties at a public event. This exposes a glaring double standard by the APNU + AFC which claim that NCN withholds coverage of their events.

NCN has since lodged a formal complaint with the Guyana Police Force and has informed the Guyana Press Association.

November 07, 2022.

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