No charges yet for teen who abducted 12-year-old girl


More than a month following the abduction of a 12-year-old girl from Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara (WBD), Police are still awaiting advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on possible charges for the alleged teen abductor.

The 12-year-old girl was found at a home in Whim Village, Corentyne on September 29 after being reported missing on September 26. The occupants of the home – a father, mother, and their teenage son – were all taken into custody at the Whim Police Station before they were released and an investigation was launched.

Her aunt, Aklema Ali on Tuesday told the News Room that the family awaits advice from the DPP. She said, “By the grace of God a charge must be done. I am glad for a call very soon so I can know which step we are going from and how to move forward.”

Ali said since her niece’s return home, the teen who took her to his home has been calling and texting her [Ali] phone. “This person texting us because remember my phone number is on Facebook and so on. He keeps texting on my phone…I sent [the texts] to the Police for them to hear the voice notes and the text that he sent,” Ali said. She added that recently he started calling too. Ali said, “He is calling on private many times and cussing up and when he is finished, he cut off and when he calls on private, he doesn’t speak and when he does, he is cussing up loud.”

The police who assisted Ali with seeking medical aid and services following the abduction was informed of the texts. Although the teenager has been contacting the family, Ali said her niece maintains that she doesn’t know the perpetrator personally. In addition, Ali said she also doesn’t know the family whose home her niece was taken to.

“I never got contact with them. I never know them and never see them before. I don’t know anything about them either.”

In the meantime, the girl is receiving support from her family to move pass the traumatising ordeal and is attending school. “She is trying to move forward because I sit and talk to her and give her courage and strength. You know, teach her good things in life and so but so far, she is okay. No complaints about it. She listens to me when I speak to her. I tell her about how life is, everything you have to move forward. You can’t be set back. Life goes on,” Ali said.

According to the information provided, the child was walking to her aunt’s house when she saw the boy and acknowledged him before he grabbed her by the hand and pushed her into a vehicle.

The girl was reported missing on September 26, 2022 and was later found by the police at a house in Whim Village, Corentyne at approximately 00:50hrs on September 29, 2022.

Upon arriving at the house, Ali said her niece was introduced to the boy’s family as his girlfriend. However, the girl has denied this. Notably, the boy’s family did not question the situation but the girl related that the father told the boy to take her back home. The girl has reported to the police that she was slapped several times and abused while being kept at the house.

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