Man arrested for allegedly stealing car from mechanic shop


A 22-year-old man was Wednesday arrested by the police after he was found in possession of a car that was stolen from a mechanic shop.

A statement from Police Headquarters noted that Christopher Persaud of Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) is in police custody after he was caught with a stolen car.

On Tuesday, Anesa Yusuf took the car to the shop at Tank Street, Grove, EBD and left it in the possession of Rameshwar Dehali, 41, for him to spray the back bumper of the car – a grey Primo motorcar.

Enquires by police disclosed that Dehali parked the car inside the yard of his bodywork shop and left at the end of the workday on Tuesday. He returned on Wednesday at 8:00 hrs to commence work on the vehicle. However, when he arrived, Ellon (only name given) who would usually provide security to the workshop and properties therein, was not there.

The stolen car

He also discovered that the motor car was missing, along with its key, and several other keys for other vehicles.

According to Dehali, he immediately tried to contact Ellon via cellphone to enquire from him if he had removed the vehicle. But these efforts were futile.

He thereafter contacted Yusuf via cellphone and enquired from her if she had collected her vehicle and she replied in the negative. They immediately started to search for the vehicle.

Subsequently, they went to Second Street Craig, EBD. There they saw the car parked on the northern side of the road facing an eastern direction.

Three men were standing within close proximity of the car and after asking who was the driver of the car, two of the men pointed out Persaud.

Dehali carried out a search on Persaud and he found the car key, along with other keys mentioned in his pants pocket. The man summoned the Police immediately and Persaud was escorted to the Grove Police Station, along with the vehicle.

The suspect was placed into custody and the vehicle was lodged. Efforts were made to contact Ellon but he is yet to be contacted.

The police have launched an investigation into the matter.


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