Canje teens homeless after fire destroys house


Three years after losing their mother, two teenage sisters on Saturday lost their home in a fire.

The property at Semple Street, Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje Berbice was completely destroyed in a fire suspected to be arson.

According to the eldest sister, 19-year-old Keiasha Reid, she and her 18-year-old sibling left home on Saturday to visit their other sister.

While there they got a call informing them that the house was on fire.

The Semple Street house is destroyed

Reid said since she and her siblings lost their mom, they have been taking care of themselves and that the home was fully furnished. She believes that the fire may have been intentional because the lock on the door appeared to have been tampered with.

“I suspect somebody went into the house because the lock was tampered with and also the gate because the fire service says when they reach the gate was already broken,” she disclosed.

The teenager noted that nothing in the house was saved. “The only thing I got is the clothes on my skin.”

Reid is open to assistance from those willing to do so and can be contacted on 659-0789, 332-0065 or 6414070.

“Since our mother died we ain’t get nobody, we just asking for help, we need lil help,” she said while holding back tears.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Isn’t that a sad state of affairs? Youths with their mother dead have to fend for themselves. I feel so sad for them and do hope they will get full support from the public financially, materially and otherwise. lWhat a plight.

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