Family concerned after Guyanese man refused entry into the UK


Teon Hope, who resides in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice), was denied entry into the United Kingdom (UK) and is being sent to Barbados after which he will have to make his way back to Guyana.

Hope’s sister, Yusiny Joungaye resides in the UK and purchased his ticket for travel to the UK after the visa requirement was lifted recently.

She told the News Room Sunday that she excitedly booked a ticket for her brother, who she had not seen in several years after it was announced that Guyanese can visit the country visa-free.

Hope, based on the ticket booked, was expected to stay in the UK for six months after his arrival on Saturday.

When he arrived at Heathrow airport, however, he was denied entry by immigration officials.

“They stated that he does not have enough money and that it was too long for him to be away from his business,” Joungaye related.

As such, he was sent to Barbados, his last port of exit, and will be required to book another flight to return to Guyana.

Though travellers with a valid Guyanese passport are allowed to visit the UK without a visa, immigration officials still manage all individuals entering the country.

Joungaye acknowledged this and noted that she might have erred in booking a six-month vacation for her brother. Even so, she lamented the poor treatment meted out to him.

“My issue is not him being sent back, my problem is the inhumane treatment a d the fact that they have now left him to be stranded in Barbados,” she said.

Currently, Joungaye and other family members are seeking assistance to get Hope back to Guyana. He is expected to arrive in Barbados at around 15:00hrs on Sunday.

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