US teaching positions available for Guyanese teachers


Guyanese teachers can now take advantage of the opportunity to work in full-time, salaried positions within the US educational system as part of the Participate Learning exchange programme, which takes over 1,000 international teachers to US schools each year.

One hundred positions are currently available for local teachers to travel and work under the Programme which offers step-by-step assistance with exchange visas for both the applicant and their family, and access to teaching opportunities in three US states.

Successful applicants will be contracted on terms equal to American teachers and receive a package of competitive health benefits, assistance with onboarding and welcome, and ongoing support for the duration of the programme. This support includes assistance in the process of renting a house and purchasing a car.

Ronald Ramirez, Recruitment Coordinator of Participate Learning said the programme’s purpose is to promote competency-based education, give US children skills in bilingual education and create open and diverse cultural experiences toward meeting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Today’s education systems, faced with dizzying social, cultural and economic changes, are aware that the old teaching models are becoming insufficient to meet the training and skills needs of today’s children and young people. In this context, the concept of competency-based education is one way to respond to these needs.
“For most teachers that have been involved in the Participate Learning program, gaining essential skills in developing competency has allowed their students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content; also, competency-based strategies provide flexible, personalised learning opportunities for each student.”

Ramirez noted that Participate Learning encourages education professionals who are part of its exchange program to constantly update themselves, which is a professionalisation advantage that will help foreign educators to strengthen their skills when it is time to return to teach in their home countries.

Successful applicants will need to be a graduated teacher currently working in education, with more than two years of continuous teaching experience, and demonstrate proven ability to perform professionally in an English-speaking environment.

“The advantages of this program with more than 30 years of experience are evident. Best of all, recruitment processes are constantly open for educators willing to leap their training. Applications are currently being received for educators interested in starting the next U.S. school year. If you are an educator or know an educator who would like to be part of Participate Learning, you can apply at” (Participate Learning press release)

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