Confirmed! Guyana cops Nations Cup; Jeffrey is Radical champion


Organisers of the Radical Caribbean Cup (RCC) on Tuesday confirmed that Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey has clinched the individual title after the final round was contested on the expanded South Dakota Circuit on Sunday.

Additionally, there is double celebration for the ecstatic Guyanese who filled the venue, as Guyana won the inaugural Nations Cup, despite Barbadian brothers Stuart and Mark Maloney closing the gap to a single point with victories in the day’s first two races.

Apart from Guyana, where Mark Vieira competed, Jeffrey, powered by Torginol Paints Inc., contested the previous rounds alone in the championship.

Heading into the final round, Jeffrey was 15 points behind his year-long rival Kristian Boodoosingh of Trinidad and Tobago. Boodoosingh had wrested the lead from Jeffrey’s grasp last month on his own home turf.

Led by Kristian Jeffrey, Guyana won both the individual and team championship in the 2022 Radical Caribbean Cup (Photo: GT Callouts)

Jeffrey had won four of the nine races earlier in the season, along with two other podium spots, while Boodoosingh had never been off the podium, scoring maximum points three times in October.

A battle of the titans occurred in Guyana with the added spice of the extended layout at South Dakota, up from 0.78 to 1.6 miles, being raced on for the first time.

It took some adjusting and it was close throughout the day until the decisive final race which Jeffrey won, leaving Boodoosingh to settle for third.

The final points standing gave Jeffrey a five-point advantage and the coveted title.


1st– Kristian Jeffrey (217)

2nd– Kristian Boodoosingh (212)

3rd– Stuart Maloney (116)

4th– Justin Maloney (116)

5th– Suleman Esuf (100)

6th– Senna Summerbell (100)

7th– Mark Maloney (79)

8th– Sean Maloney (63)

9th– Justin Campbell (47)

10th– Ahmed Esuf (39)

11th– Zachary Boodram (22)

12th– Ravi Singh (2)


1st– Guyana (230)

2nd– Barbados (229)

3rd– Trinidad and Tobago (216)

4th– Jamaica (129)

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