Police unveil robust Christmas plan for the holidays


The Guyana Police Force on Tuesday announced a robust plan to tackle crime and reduce accidents and traffic congestion for the holiday season but says it will need the public to cooperate to make it work.

“We have a plan and if you support this plan you’re going to benefit as our objective because you are the beneficiaries of all that we are putting in place now to ensure you have a festive season,” Police Commission (ag) Clifton Hicken said at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown.

He stressed that under his command, officers will remain professional and it is only fitting that the public displays responsible behavior and reciprocate same to the Police as they execute the Christmas plan.

Hicken said the Force will apply a collaborative approach to work with various agencies, including community policing groups and private security guards, to increase visibility; it will also rely on the Guyana Defence Force, the Fire Service, and others for support.

“When you’re sleeping, we’re still at work and least you can do is to give us 100 percent support so we can adequately create safer communities so that you can enjoy,” Hicken said.

Police Commissioner (acting) Clifton Hicken [Photo: Guyana Police Force/ July 05, 2022]
During his presentation, Traffic Chief Superintendent Dennis Stephen said that the traffic department, in anticipation of the increase in activity during the Christmas season, will utilise all resources available to monitor and control traffic situations.

Stephen noted that the Traffic Department plans to heighten the deployment of ranks to various commercial zones in an effort to minimize traffic accidents, congestion and other traffic-related occurrences.

Persons can expect mobile traffic patrols on a 24-hours basis and foot patrols during the day. An education campaign for the citizenry is also expected to be rolled out.

Stephen noted that traffic enforcement and education are paramount in the Force’s plan to reduce accidents during this season and make the roads safer for all categories of road users. The Force will be utilizing the Corporate Communication Unit of the Police Force to educate the populace.

The city of Georgetown will be divided into four sectors with special arrangements to monitor each sector; there are also special arrangements in place for all Police divisions.

Stephen also advised business owners to offload their containers at the terminals then transport the goods using lorries to their business entities to ease the congestion in and around Georgetown.

Meanwhile, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum noted that his department will increase the deployment of plain clothes and uniform ranks during the Christmas season to reduce criminal acts.

“We will increase our deployment of mobile and foot patrols, we will have fully operational police booths which will be located at various locations across the 12 police divisions,” Blanhum said.

He noted that ranks will maintain a presence at various checkpoints including ports of entry and ranks will be recalled from their leave to supplement the force’s efforts.

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