Welshman wins Canadian Premier League; wants to open doors for GT players


Canada-born Guyanese Striker Emery Welshman feels that the new generation of Guyanese players has the ability to play in the Canadian Premier League (CPL).

Welshman, a key player for his club Forge FC that won the CPL 2022 League title feels that the major drawback for Guyanese players to get contracts in the CPL is lack of opportunity rather than talent.

“There are a good bunch of youngsters in Guyana who can play here (Canada), but the league is still relatively young. And with only eight teams the spots for foreign players will be limited. Opening up opportunities for young Guyanese players in the future is one of my goals,” Welshman said.

Welshman made his debut for Guyana in 2015 against Barbados, scoring in a 2-2 draw. As a pioneer player in the CPL he has now won three League Championships with Forge in four seasons.

Pointing to his victorious season with Forge, the 32-year-old Welshman stated: “It was a very emotional moment. The year was difficult for me for different reasons.”

“I suffered a few injuries that kept me off the field and far from full fitness. I was also used in different roles so to end this tough season with a championship makes me very proud.”

Golden Jaguars Coach Jamaal Shabazz, who gave Welshman his first national cap in 2015, thinks the hardworking striker is an ambassador for Guyana.

“Emery is now a mentor for younger players like Omari Glasgow, Curtez Kelman, Darron Niles and Marcus Wilson in the national team.

“Having played with clubs in the USA, Canada, Israel and also two Gold Cups for Guyana, he is one of more experienced players and a team leader.

“We monitor him closely and his achievements in Canada are really ambassadorial for Guyana,” added Shabazz.

Welshman, who feels a special affinity towards Forge FC, says he will keep his options open regarding the next steps for his career.

“Forge is special, however I got to think about what is the best move for my family and our future,” explained Welshman.

To young and upcoming Guyanese players, Welshman had these words of advice: “Stay off the streets and focus on your school work and your football.”

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